Gourmet Stuffed Pretzels

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A Twist on a Timeless Tradition

One Extraordinary Idea. Endless Possibilities.

We all love a warm pretzel, but don't like the hassle of a "dipping sauce". Not only is it inconvenient to have to utilize two hands, but your dipping sauce choices are very limited.

Introducing a one of kind idea: Gourmet Stuffed Pretzels.  We have over 20 years of culinary experience and we put that knowledge and passion into every handmade stuffed gourmet pretzel that we sell. No more limited choices of a dipping sauce.  We have numerous and delicious recipes that are made with only quality ingredients that are stuffed right into the pretzel. No more hassle of utilizing two hands. You can devour any of our menu items with one hand!   

We are a mobile food company so make sure to check our website and visit us on social media to Get Stuffed at local events.

We are the home of the Purple Pretzel Truck!

We would like to thank our family and friends for their continued support of our dream.  

We look foward to many happy and returning customers!